How do I know if I'm a candidate to birth at UF Health Birth Center?

A risk assessment will be performed on each candidate for birth center care. Anyone interested in receiving more information is welcome to make an appointment for a consultation with one of our midwives. We will answer any questions you have as well as review your health and obstetric history to make a decision together with you about choosing to become a patient at UF Health Birth Center. We carefully review each patient at the initial visit and throughout pregnancy to ensure our patients remain low risk.

How many midwives are in your practice?

There are five midwives at UF Health Birth Center: two certified nurse-midwives and three licensed midwives.

How do I know who will be at my birth?

The on-call midwife will attend your birth. It is our hope that you meet all of our midwives at your appointments throughout your pregnancy. That way, you will know and feel comfortable with any of us. To help with this, we ask for a little flexibility with the days you make your appointments as each midwife is in clinic on different days. The midwives share call and have an answering service that will page the midwife on call when needed.

Who is your consulting physician?

Erin Burnett, MD, is our consulting physician. She is available to provide recommendations and consultations as needed for our patients.

How often do I have appointments?

We follow the care schedule recommended by the American Academy of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to provide excellent and adequate prenatal care. We recommend starting care between 8-12 weeks gestation, when possible, then every four weeks until 28 weeks gestation, every two weeks until 36 weeks gestation, and weekly until delivery. Ultrasound and lab appointments will be scheduled as needed.

Do you take insurance? Medicaid?

We are in network with most major insurance companies. For specific questions regarding your financial responsibility and coverage amounts, please call our office and speak with Veronica, our customer service specialist. Unfortunately, at this time we are not covered by Medicaid.

Do you offer epidurals or any other type of pain management?

While we don't offer epidurals at the Birth Center, we offer hydrotherapy (water labor/birth), freedom of movement, a quiet and calm environment, and trusting providers. We also encourage doula support and supportive family members to complete your birth team.

If I have to transfer, where do I go?

In the event of a transfer, you will be taken to the labor and delivery unit at UF Health North.

I've had a previous cesarean (or multiple cesareans). Can I deliver at UF Health Birth Center?

In the state of Florida, birth centers are not allowed to deliver patients that have had a prior cesarean section. This also includes women who have already had a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). We are happy to provide a consult with one of our midwives to determine if you are a good candidate for prenatal care at the birth center with a plan for a trial of labor at the UF Health Hospital on 8th St with one of our nurse midwives.

How long do I stay after the birth and when do I see someone again?

Most of our patients will stay up to 4 hours after birth. We are able to determine stable condition by this point and tend to immediate postpartum care and instructions. Your baby will have had a full newborn exam and assessed for stable condition. If these milestones have not been met, we will continue to monitor you. You will never be rushed out or discharged if you aren't ready.

How do I get a birth certificate and Social Security card for my newborn?

Towards the end of your pregnancy, we will provide you with a birth certificate worksheet to complete. Within 5 days of from birth, the Birth Center will electronically file your baby's record of birth. If you would like to request a certified copy of the birth certificate, contact the Office of Vital Statistics ( to order one. Once the birth certificate has been filed a SSN will be generated (if requested) and card sent to the address provided on the birth certificate worksheet (usually received within 6 weeks).

Do you offer well woman care, including annual exams, cervical screenings and birth control options?


How do I schedule a consult or first appointment?

Call 904-427-6378 to schedule. We look forward to meeting you!