Getting Started: Adult Volunteer Program

Time commitment
New volunteers are asked to make a commitment to serve one hundred hours. Most volunteers work one four-hour shift each week. Some give more. Schedules are arranged to suit your availability.

Vacations and absences
We understand as a volunteer you have many other commitments. We are able to accommodate shift changes and absences due to illness or travel plans.

Uniform shirts are $19.99.

Getting Started

Prior to starting as a UF Health North Adult Volunteer, the following process must be completed:

  1. Complete Forms
    Complete the online application form. Once completed, you will be contacted by a Volunteer Services representative. If you require assistance with the application process, please contact us.

    Phone: (904) 427-4271

  2. Personal Interview
    After we receive your application, you will be contacted for an interview or you may call us to schedule an appointment.

  3. General Health Screening
    Our Employee Health Department screens volunteers for placement by the following:

    1. Health questionnaire
    2. Tuberculosis screening

  4. General Orientation
    The volunteer orientation is offered online.

  5. Volunteering Begins
    Start date and time confirmed.

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