Hospital Pricing Transparency

Fee Schedules

UF Health Jacksonville provides a list of our standard charges to help you understand and start to plan for potential out-of-pocket hospital expenses for your care.

  • The prices provided are for individual hospital service items. Typical hospital procedures and inpatient stays can include hundreds of individual service items. Each patient’s hospital experience is unique and may include any combination of these service items.
  • The prices provided are for hospital services only; they do not include the fees for the services of your health care professional or physicians.
  • The prices provided do not necessarily represent the payment hospital expects to receive nor the anticipated consumer out-of-pocket expense, the amount that is your responsibility to pay.
  • Your out-of-pocket expense will vary based on your insurance coverage and policies. For a list of insurers that are accepted by UF Health North, visit Accepted Insurance.

Get a Price Quote

To obtain a price quote for UF Health Jacksonville services and estimate of payment responsibility for your anticipated procedure, please call 904-244-1876.

Pricing Information

We provide our price lists as .CSV files – these can be opened using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or other document-editing programs.

Standard Charges - Charge Description Master (CDM)

A chargemaster is a list detailing the official rate charged by a hospital for individual procedures and services.

Download the Chargemaster for UF Health Download the Medication Chargemaster

Medicare Severity-Diagnosis Related Group (MS-DRG)

The Medicare Severity Diagnosis Related Group (MS-DRG) is a classification system used to identify the national average resources needed for inpatient hospital episodes.

Download the average charges by Medicare Severity-
Diagnosis Related Group for UF Health Jacksonville

Florida Health Price Finder

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration provides the Florida Health Price Finder, a health care consumer comparison tool for comparing state and national costs. Visit

Other Cost and Financial Questions:

For information about financial assistance, patient resources, provider and insurance access and FAQs, please visit Billing and Insurance.

For price transparency information for UF Health Shands Hospital in Gainesville, visit UF Health Shands Hospital pricing resources

The information on this page was last updated and reviewed for accuracy Nov. 7, 2019